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Process Transformation

  • Includes Operations and Production Processes, all Business Processes, Purchasing and Supply Chain Processes, and Supplier Processes as well as Executive Level Policy and Strategy Setting Processes.
  • The Imago Transformation™ Process shifts the focus from treating symptoms to solving underlying problems.
  • Lean operations are just the beginning – the larger opportunity generally lies within the upstream business processes. – Let us show you how.

Purchasing and Procurement

  • Supplier Performance Improvement
  • Supplier Relationship Management & Improvement
  • Inventory Reduction
  • Natural Disaster / Supply Chain Interruption Recovery
  • Interim Executive Leadership

Enabling and Empowering Leaders

  • Our passion is to inspire and empower leaders.
  • The primary focus of our practice is to do just that with the goal of enabling them to drive dramatic improvements in business results.
  • Defects and costs that we don’t see are buried deep in our operational and business processes.
  • We have the experience and the tools to empower leaders and their organizations to see and eliminate these hidden defects and costs.
  • This process, implemented with leadership commitment, enthusiasm and discipline, drives measurable and dramatic improvements in cashflow, quality, inventory and employee engagement.
  • “You helped me to see my business differently” is the most common feedback we receive from leaders as they achieve new levels of business results by implementing the Imago™ Transformation Process.

Enterprise Excellence

  • Lean operations are just the beginning – the larger opportunity generally lies within the inbound and upstream business processes.
  • We can help you take operational excellence from end-to-end across the value chain and top to bottom throughout the enterprise – including your strategy and policy setting processes.

Lean Process Assessment

  • Much of what has been written and implemented under the mantra of “Lean” is unnecessarily complex, ineffective, or simply wrong.
  • Our methodology is simple, focused, and highly effective.
  • Not getting the value you expected from your Lean deployment? We have proven diagnostic and assessment tools to help you get back on track.

Speaking Engagements and Presentations

  • Orv is passionate about enterprise excellence and both operations and business process transformation. He is available to speak on these topics to groups of all sizes. Including:
    • Internal Business Leadership Summits
    • Conferences
    • Supplier Summits
    • College Classes – Large and Small
    • Chamber of Commerce Meetings
    • Business Organizations
  • With his 38 years of purchasing and manufacturing experience at Caterpillar, and his executive leadership experience  including four years as Asia Pacific/East Purchasing Director in Beijing China, Orv has a wealth of experiences, examples, stories and illustrations from which to draw during his presentations.
  • Contact us today to schedule a presentation tailored to your needs and theme for your next class or event.
  • Enterprise Excellence can transform ministry and non-profit organizations as well as commercial businesses. Contact us for details on how to schedule a presentation.