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About Us

Client Value Proposition

Dramatic improvements in cashflow, quality, inventory, and employee engagement.

Who We Are

We are trained experts who enable leaders and their organizations to dramatically improve business results by empowering them to see and eliminate defects and costs hidden deep in both operational and business processes.

Our Mission / Our Passion

Inspiring and empowering leaders.

Core Values

  • Integrity: We align our actions with our words, commit to honesty in all our relationships and seek to consistently do what is right before God, for our clients, and in our community.
  • Excellence: We strive to exceed expectations in everything we do.  We believe excellence is demonstrated not only in outstanding results, but in how those results are achieved.
  • Passion: We are positive, enthusiastic and energetic about serving our clients and others in our community.  We believe passion is key to success as it drives the energy and creativity necessary to overcome challenges and deliver world-class results.
  • Learning: We value learning in all forms, and seek to build an environment of continuous learning.  We recognize that learning is a lifelong pursuit, and applies to both teacher and student, expert and peer.
  • Strategy AND Execution: We recognize that strategy and execution must go hand in hand.  We develop strategy within the framework of relentless and effective execution, tangible results, and creating client value.

SEE Group Distinctives

  1. Highly trained experts with decades of global experience who specialize in BOTH Operations AND Business Process transformation.
  2. Practical, simple processes that can be immediately implemented and deliver both “quick wins” and create long term value.
  3. Focus on building client capacity and capability over dependency on outside consultants.

About Orv Geick 

Orv Geick is the founding partner of SEE Group LLC.

As an executive at Caterpillar Inc, Orv loved delivering results by leading business and process transformation in Operations, Purchasing, Engineering, Supply Chain and Executive/Administrative organizations.  In fact, he became very proficient at it, consistently achieving distinguished results recognized in outstanding performance ratings, and several corporate awards.

Toward the end his 38 years with Cat, after reading the book Halftime by Bob Buford, he had a growing desire to take his expertise and passion to businesses outside of Caterpillar – not only commercial businesses, but also non-profit and ministry organizations.

So, Orv took an opportunity in January of 2017 to retire early and founded the SEE Group.  In doing so, he now continues leading organizational and process transformation in commercial businesses driving dramatic improvements in cash flow and bottom line results, as well as leading transformational process improvement in non-profit organizations.

Orv takes his experience, his expertise, and proven world-class processes to businesses of all sizes, from small private companies to Fortune 500 corporations.  He is clearly passionate about Enterprise Excellence and process transformation whether he is inspiring and enabling leaders one-on-one, speaking in a small college classroom or presenting at a large conference.

Click here for a list of Orv’s qualifications and work experience via LinkedIn.

Contact Orv if you would like to leverage his experience and empower your team to improve business results or have him speak to your class or at your next event.


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